Version 1.0.9 Available

Forest of SotariaUpdate 1.0.9 is now available on the App Store.  This update adds new end-game content for after you complete the main campaign, as well as other enhancements and improvements.

This includes:

– 5 additional portraits to chose from when starting a new character
– 2 new bosses, each with an awesome new Avatar card
– Level cap increased to 32.
– A new dungeon, Lost Tomb, that unlocks after completing the main quest.
– A new Ancient Portal that opens to new destinations and dungeons, including the forest of Soltaria and the Ruins of Aryn.
– A new desert tile set
– Fixed Flux Storm ability
– Fixed Enlightened ability
– Now dismiss large version of a card with swipe up/down, pressing outside of the card or pressing any corner
– Card drag improved on older devices
– Improved some background assets for iPhone Plus
– Altered filters to start off as “off” to more easily filter to what you want to see in deck editor, etc.
– Fixed stats in deck editor for 6+ casting cost cards
– Tweaked green starter deck
– Demonic Code casting cost dropped from 3 to 2
– Fixed description of Conflagration and changed to 10 damage to all creatures.
– Other bug fixes