Ability Keywords

The following creature abilities have keywords:


A creature with the armored ability only loses one half (rounded down) of the life it normally would from creature attacks and destruction spells.  Alteration spells that reduce life affect these creatures normally.

Armor Piercing

A creature or destruction spell with the armor piercing ability damages a creature with Armored as if they did not have that ability.

Dragon’s Bane

A creature with dragon’s bane causes any dragon that it damages to lose additional attack and life, severely weakening or killing it.

Dragon Immunity

A creature with dragon immunity takes no damage from dragon attacks or from Dragon’s Breath.  Note that they will take damage or be otherwise affected from other special abilities that certain dragons have.


When a creature comes into play they are fatigued and will not attack on that turn, unless they have the Rush ability.  Fatigue is shown as a red border around a creature and is also now displayed on the large version of the card.  A creature can now be fatigued for more than one turn, which will be displayed with a count after the keyword, indicating for how many turns it is fatigued.


A hidden creature can not be targeted by a spell or magic item.  A creature’s activated abilities will still affect them, however.  A player with a high enough wisdom gains the ability to cast spells on his hidden creatures.


When a creature with overwhelm kills a creature, any extra damage beyond what was needed to kill that creature is dealt to the enemy player.


A creature that is poisoned will lose one attack and one life at the start of the player’s turn.  A creature that has been poisoned multiple times will lose more than one attack and life each turn.

Poison Immunity

A creature with poison immunity cannot be poisoned.


A creature with regenerate recovers one life at the start of the player’s turn.  It is possible for a creature to gain regenerate multiple times and gain more than one life per turn.


A creature with rush does not get fatigued when coming into play and can therefore attack that same turn.

Troll Immunity

A creature with troll immunity takes no damage from troll attacks.


A creature with the vaporize ability completely destroys a creature that it damages, so that it is removed from the game instead of going to the discard pile.


A creature with venomous poisons a creature that it attacks.

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