Lost Portal 1.3

Update 1.3 available now that includes:

– A new “bosses only” dungeon through the Ancient Portal

– Five more deck slots in the Deck Manager

– Bug fixes

50 thoughts on “Lost Portal 1.3”

  1. I wanna know why ir i purchase the expansions in my cellphone i cant find them in my iPad (same account) what do i have to do? Cause im not buying it again

  2. I wouldn’t mind being able to buy purple rarity cards at the card shop in dungeons. Otherwise I’ll exhaust myself of purple cards in the boss dungeon.

    Don’t want to seem high maintenance—so happy you implemented my suggestions! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the feedback – I’ll take a look at the cost of opening the boss dungeon; it wasn’t meant to be prohibitive to repeatedly visit.

  3. Thanks devs for the updates on the game!
    The Gauntlet is a nice addition, even though I feel it is not rewarding enough. It would have been nice if it offered the possibility to loot rare cards on a higher rate than the other two portals. Paying the price to open the portal and battling the bosses to only loot the same cards you could loot in the basic portal is a little frustrating. The merchant could be a special one too, and sell (for a high price) some of the purple, silver and gold cards. It is also strange that each time I played the Gauntlet it skipped from level 3 to level 6…
    I would also love to see an option to loot only cards and not gold at the end of each battle.
    Anyway, I am really enjoying the game, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the feedback and glad you are enjoying Lost Portal! I’ll consider all of your suggestions. The level 6 label is just a typo, I’ll fix it in the next update.

      1. I have noticed something weird with the stone giant card. It is supposed to be immune to green cards, but during one of my games it was affected by the “soothing voice” green card, which felt very unfair ^^. Is this intended?

  4. Looking at buying this game but have one question that I can’t find an answer to…. can this be played in landscape on the iPad Pro? If not is that something you’re considering?


    1. Hi Jacob,
      Lost Portal currently only supports portrait mode. The request for landscape mode is on the wish list, but is not something I am actively working on.

    1. You should see left/right arrows that appear on either side of the portal. Use those to choose a different destination. The boss dungeon is the last one that requires Avatar cards as well as rare and ultra-rare cards.

  5. The game is great! I would love the possibility to mulligan though, because once you have a aeon drought you are pretty much sure to lose. And the ability to force a discard can be very frustrating, moreover against bosses.

    1. The game actually auto-mulligans for you when you have no aeons in hand. You can also put points into Wisdom to gain additional starting aeons, and into Intellect to gain a 3:1 aeon exchange that should also help you avoid too many tough starts.

      1. Good to know about the auto-mullligan.
        Two other things that can be frustrating (but I get it is part of the rules).
        – Not being able to decide whether or not to play the counter cards. Losing a 4 aeons blue counter-spell to a 1/1 creature…
        – The fact that the effects are resolved from left to right. For example, when you duplicate a creature wish rush (via the duplicating equipment – reflecting specter) and it appears to the left of the original creature, the rush effect is discarded.

        Anyways, still enjoying the game a lot!

  6. Great game. Love it. But misunderstand one thing about vaporize red card (that deals 12 damage). It doesn’t only kill creature but it breaks this creature’s equipped item despite this not being stated in card’s description. Is it a bug?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. It is not a bug, but I agree the card could state that any equipped item is also removed. Look for a tweaked description in the next update.

  7. I just want to say that I have been playing this game for a couple of years now and I am absolutely thrilled with it. I love it! Fantastic job with it and I really look forward to continued updates and new content. Thanks again for all your hard work with it.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback! Glad to hear you’ve gotten so much play out of Lost Portal. I am actively working on a new expansion, so some new cards are coming!

  8. Still love playing this. Do still wish that the boss dungeon had a higher chance of getting purple/rare cards that you can’t buy.

    Also wish that Jungle Serpent + Cultist Mask worked how I expected (would have been so epic, Cultist Mask ability doesn’t actually activate the Swallow Whole ability for any enemy creature damaged by the enchanted Jungle Serpent)

    Still loving it, love that our feedback is heard

    1. Thanks for the feedback! The boss dungeon is increasing your odds of facing each boss, so that should improve your chances of getting their Avatar cards. Once you have one Avatar card, you can go into the Forge and make more by placing one from your library into the Forge and sacrificing other cards.
      I agree it would be awesome if the ‘Damaged creature:” worked that way, but as of now at least it really means ‘Damaged creature via attack’. It should still trigger if the creature gets multiple / extra attacks, for example. Glad you are still enjoying Lost Portal and I’m looking forward to sharing some powerful new cards I’ve been working on.

      1. The problem is still the cost of forging these cards. The purple cards drop rate is so low it is taking forever to loot enough of them to sacrifice without seriously amputating your library. Moreover, some bosses like the rare dragon (I don’t remember its name, but it plays a golden card that does a ton of damage to all creatures) seem to have a super low drop rate for their associated purple cards. I fought the said dragon probably 50 times and I NEVER looted the card… It is kind of discouraging. We should at least be able to loot a few purple cards in the boss dungeon instead of the common cards that can be found elsewhere.

        1. Thanks for that feedback and sorry for the frustration! There was actually a bug with Kilratikas that I’ll have fixed in the next update. I’ll also take a close look at improving a few things around the drop rate for Avatar cards and perhaps reducing the cost of forging Avatar cards.

          1. Good to hear! I really love the game (it is by far my favorite mobile game) and its mechanics and I cannot wait for a new expansion! Keep up the great work!

          2. I just noticed it is impossible for me to forge some cards (like the giants for example). Is this intended?
            In the forge UI, I am also not able to see the entirety of my library. At some point, I can not use the right arrow to change pages anymore, even if it is still showing in yellow, suggesting it should be functioning. Just wondering…

          3. Thanks for pointing out some bugs in the paging of your library in the forge. I’ll have those fixed in the next update. In the meantime, you can use the filters to get to your cards near the end of your library.
            There should not be any issue forging any cards, such as one of the giants. If you have a card in one of your decks, you won’t see it in your library in the forge, unless you press on the “Library” label, and it will then show up ‘faded out’, indicating that you can’t use it as an ingredient. But you should still be able to drag it to the middle to duplicate. Hope this helps.

          4. Reporting a possible bug. A sentinel spider was able to devolve one of my hidden creatures. I never saw that before and I play a lot ^^

          5. I would guess that the Sentinel Spider played one of its Avatar cards, the Watchful Observer, and then activated its ability, “Spider’s Sight”. This ability removes hidden from all enemy creatures, which would allow Sentinel Spider to target the creature with a card like Devolve. If that is not the case, I am not sure what happened and would need more information.

  9. Since you’re working on an expansion, I’d like to offer some feedback:

    1. As you increase your ability scores, your creatures gain bonus attack, health, and a chance to gain various skills. This feels great, but makes other card types look increasingly weak by comparison. Why take Storm Funnel, when Ambush Dragon deals damage more efficiently, ignores the Hidden ability, and leaves a decent body on the board as well.

    2. Equipment cards feel like the weakest card category. Equipment is fine in the early and mid levels, but later on only Reflecting Scepter feels worth including in my decks.

    3. Of the two-color Avatar cards, Red + Green ones feel inconsistent and not strong enough. Blue + Black are strongest.

    4. Drop rate of Avatar cards feels way too low, and the cost of crafting more at the Anvil feels too high.

    5. I’d love more good-looking character portaits to choose from.

    Love your game, and I’ll be eagerly anticipating the new expansion!

  10. My unreasonable wish-list for the next expansion:

    – Changing the way the game categorizes the aeons cards for the auto-mulligan. It should only consider the cards with no cost to play (maybe it already does, but this is not my impression). Some cards are labeled as aeon, but are costly to play and having them as aeon during the first rounds of a match instead of regular aeons can often lead to an “unfair” defeat.

    – Tweak the RNG so that you don’t find yourself with a stack of 10+ consecutive aeons in your deck during a battle?

    – Being able to fully chose which counter to play and when to play it.

    – Change the drop rate of the avatar cards. It feels very low.

    – Removing completely or revamping the forced discard mechanism (except for cards with this effect). It to often and randomly destroys strategies. You are keeping some cards in prevision of your upcoming turns and they are discarded by your opponent just playing an aeon… As much as I love when it is beneficial to me in game, I would rather see it disappear or change.

    – Adding more types of portals for the end game. It could be interesting to have thematic portals where the player has a chance to battle specific types of enemies, thus helping in the loot of targeted avatar cards.

    – Automatize the choice of the dominant aeon color. It is a pain to be forced to edit the game each time you swap decks. At least, having an option to do this in game would help.

    – Separate the cards gain and the gold gain at the end of a battle. I feel like the gain of gold should not obstruct cards gain. At the end of a battle, I would rather loot 3 cards + a certain amount of gold. It is kind of frustrating to only loot gold. And gold is not very useful past a certain point in the game where you almost do not buy cards anymore. Finding a way to spend that gold (buying avatar cards, spending gold in a specific “shop” where you can choose to fight against one specific opponent of the game – a Colosseum of some sort -…) could help.

    – Why not repopulate the areas of the game with their specific enemies once cleared?

    – Making the gauntlet more rewarding. Currently, apart from having a tiny chance to loot boss cards, I feel that the gauntlet is less attractive than regular portals in terms of loot.

    – Balance the costs for the Anvil. Avatar cards are too expensive to forge due to their very low drop rate. I don’t want to empty my library by sacrificing the few avatar cards that took me forever to loot.

    – Add a lot of synergies between cards and re-balance the colors. Black (and blue) cards feel much more powerful than the others.

    – Share the library between characters. I have been playing for a long time with only one character and I really don’t want to restart the game at the beginning without the benefice of my library. It is probably only me, but I would like the option…

    This is my unreasonable grain of salt. I love the game and I am very excited to play a new expansion!

    1. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I appreciate the time you took to write this feedback. Some things are already on the wish list, and some may make it into the next update (improving drop rates for avatar cards is already in the works). Others are probably beyond what I can get done, but I still appreciate your perspective.

  11. Just coming back to the game after playing through several times and drifting off to other games. I had purchased both expansions, and was waiting for new stuff to come out and actually thought this project was dead. I was cleaning up my phone and played it again and then tried on my iPad. I essentially have my magic keyboard permanently attached to my iPad so I was a bit disappointed when I opened Lost Portal and it didn’t slide to landscape mode. Any chance for that?

    1. Supporting landscape mode has been on the wish list forever, but unfortunately it is not a trivial amount of work, so hasn’t made it. As this game has remained a hobby for me and my day job has kept me busy, it is difficult to find time to even complete an expansion, which I very much want to get done and out to you guys.

  12. Hello! I thoroughly enjoy Lost Portal and would like to provide some feedback and suggestions.
    1. The presence of cards that produce 2 aeons of different colors doesn’t feel as impactful in the early/mid game due to lack of card that require multiple aeons to cast. A sprinkling throughout the rarities would promote this riskier multi-aeon strategy.
    2. The poison animation effect feels like it last too long, especially with several poisoned minions. Perhaps this can be shortened.
    3. Similarly, the quality of life provided by upgrading to the Teleporting stage of the Blue ability is so good that I can’t help but go for this ability first. Perhaps teleporting can be made more accessible and something else can replace that ability.
    4. A mega-merchant and mega-blacksmith so I don’t need to travel around to double triple check the shops in earlier towns.
    5. Maybe a rare merchant in the Gauntlet selling expensive Purple/Unique/whatever-they-are-called cards for some high price, eg. 2000+ gold.
    6. The option to switch starting color at some point in the game, maybe late game. This would basically switch the starting aeon.
    7. Rewards that are something other than gold.
    8. The insultingly low gold from some encounters.. hurts so much to see that 2 or 3 appear on the screen. Maybe make it 5 gold minimum?
    9. A farming option in the early game to help smooth out some of the harsher enemies. Like a very simple repeatable dungeon to build up some common cards or a bit of gold. Make it not enticing enough after the first few stages.
    10. AI improvements. This is hard and I don’t know how long something like this could take. Eg. When opponent uses two removal cards to kill a minion when the second card would be completely adequate. Also, holding onto equipment when they could just play it. Also, waiting too long to try and stall my board when I have lethal damage against them in one turn. Good luck with this.
    11. Later in the game, make enemy decks that are just super powerful. Or mirror enemies with your deck. A challenge! Maybe a special gauntlet that requires some serious deck tweeting to overcome. Eg. Massive life totals. Crazy discards. Lots of starting aeons. Etc.
    12. The option to go over 35 in an ability. Maybe unlocked late game.
    13. Suggestion! A creature category called “Cowards” that are undercosted for their stats or effects, but lose those stats/effects under fairly common conditions. Eg. 1) Big Coward GGGcost 7/7 Gets -1/-1 when anyone plays a card. 2) Demonic Coward any12cost 6/12 When this loses health, all enemies lose the same amount of health. Gets -1/-1 when you play a card. 3) Tough Coward UUUcost 3/6 Armored Gets -1/-0 when a spell is played. These are some ideas. I make no claim on them.
    14. Make a super gauntlet. Like 10+ floors of enemies. Make the, have even crazier ability scores. Also, better rewards?
    15. Good luck!

    Looking forward to future updates and the new expansion!

    1. Thanks for all the great comments and feature suggestions! By the way, you can go back to the campaign menu and edit your character, choosing a different starting aeon. The low gold from defeated enemies comes about due to the way you are actually taking random cards from their deck and some get converted to gold, so in those cases they are common cards/aeons that were taken. You gave me a lot to think about!

  13. Stumbled upon this gem and enjoying it very much. Would happily have paid more for it. Bought expansions as well.
    Just wanted to drop by and offer words of encouragement. Keep up the great work. Once I finish the game I might have some recommendations.
    Well done!

    1. More content is on the way. The Feldyr expansion is nearly complete. I also have some new aeon cards coming as additional rewards for completing dungeons.

  14. Don’t know where else to leave this comment but on iPhone 12 Pro with the most current iOS (just updated), the game freezes for several seconds when playing most cards. Doesn’t break the game but does get quite annoying. How is the next expansion coming?

    1. This is a bug in the latest iOS with the latest iPhones (12 and 13). I have contacted Apple and opened a bug report, but I have no idea when it will be addressed. If this goes on too long, I will look into a work-around, but it would not be trivial for me to do. The next expansion is nearly done, just waiting on a couple of more artworks and doing some more play-testing. As soon as I get the last artwork, I will try to get it submitted asap!

  15. I like this game very much. The two expansions are also cleared (maximum level 36), but the skill points are not enough (the 4 types of skills have not reached 30), may I have another expansion (maybe consider Add new color aeon series of cards, such as white)?

    1. Hopefully you have seen there is another new expansion out, and there are also a bunch of new quest rewards available for each dungeon. Thanks for the suggestions; I have not considered adding a new color thus far, which would probably be about twice the size of the current expansions we have done to date. That would certainly shake up the game if it was something unique.

  16. HeyMike! Thanks for the expansion, it’s been great so far! I have noticed the “balance energy” action seems to not be working. I wondered if this is part of the freezing animation issue? I’ve tried using the balance energy with various aeons and none of them seem to work correctly in regards to the balance energy for the grove keepers. Cheers and thanks again!

    1. I tested the Balance Energy ability and it seemed to work as expected, so please let me know if you are still seeing the issue with the latest release 1.4.2, as that does have the animations fixed.

  17. Very good game, one of my two favorite tablet games (the other ist Ascension), played about 10 times to final level on extreme, with every color, with the ignorance of each ability (once at time, that is only allowed to develop in 3 abilities). Last challange was playing mainly with destruction cards using Empower (I usually don’t use destruction cards, too weak in my opinion). My ongoing challenge is not to use abilities when leveling up (after level 13) and build big decks (as in every deck building game, small decks obviously are better).
    Some comments mentioned black as best color. At least it’s the best second color, because of Reanimate and Symbol of Doom, both too cheap at 3 aeon. I build very strong decks with every color, the AI enemies are not strong enough to really test it out.
    Did I see it right, that Reflecting Scepter was downgraded, if I remember right, it was a complete copy before and is a half copy now?
    If you’re interested, I can give you a detailed view on some overpowered cards, underpowered cards, and/or cards that might need small modifications. If so, just contact me by email.

    1. Glad you are enjoying the game. Yes, Reflecting Scepter was modified to generate a copy with half the power/life when it damages the enemy player. Feel free to send any of your suggestions at lostportalccg@gmail.com and I will be happy to read them.

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