Lost Portal 1.2

Lost Portal 1.2 went live in the App Store back in December, with 22 new cards (5 for each color, plus two gray cards). The goal of this addition was to expand the card pool for players and enemies alike with new common and uncommon cards. Hopefully you enjoy the new cards. The total number of cards in the game is now 242, including both expansions.

8 thoughts on “Lost Portal 1.2”

  1. Hahah, you post this now? I’m a big fan of Lost Portal, it’s my favorite iOS game along with Final Fantasy Tactics; great job on the game! On toucharcade, you mention working on Star Portal, which I imagine will be a brand new game. Are you committed to Star Portal for the foreseeable future? Are you planning to offer any new updates or expansions to Lost Portal?

    Either way, it’s great to see you’re still developing cool single-player content.

    1. Yeah, I realized I forgot to post about this 1.2 update here, so I thought I’d fix that. Better late than never? Speaking of which, yes, I am still working on Star Portal, although it is moving at a snail’s pace so no end date in sight. I also haven’t ruled out another expansion for Lost Portal, but nothing in the works at the moment. Thanks for the positive feedback on Lost Portal – I’ll try to share something from Star Portal when I get a chance!

  2. Love the updates (as always)! I hope there is another expansion coming-I’m with Taznak, this is on of my go-to games. I know I’ve said it before but having achievements that unlock more points for character development would be awesome! Also, maybe we could use silver/gold level cards on the portal to get to a boss level with all the bosses being present. I have several boss cards I still need but almost never get to fight through the portal. Anyway, keep up the good work-cheers!

    1. I found some time to code up a boss dungeon through the Ancient Portal, so expect that in an upcoming update!

  3. Hey, I have played this game to death for the past couple years, about 2,500 rounds. It scratches that MtG itch better than any of the MtG games, hands down. All the deck creation stuff is just too good. And the loot potential keeps me coming back, even though I probably have every card.

    Came in with a couple thoughts to share.

    1. Can we get more deck slots per character? I would easily use fill up as many as 12-15 deck slots with different deck strategies. I always hate having to give up on a concept that doesn’t pan out as well as it may, if it had more time to bake. I have to sacrifice it to make another potential strategy.

    2. Can you alter the endless dungeon mode (red portal) to accept more rare cards, and thereby make the enemies through the portal more challenging? Or maybe an all bosses mode? I’d love and all bosses mode with loot potential jacked up. As of this moment, I usually end games with somewhere between a 74-125 life point swing (like I’ll have ~85 life and will win with my opponent at -15 life).

    These additions even outside of more campaigns or new areas would make the game even more endlessly playable. And I wouldn’t hate being able to have more than one of the mega-powerful golden creatures.

    I thought about making a subreddit to track and share my decks and get fun ideas from other players. Just wish I had more slots for decks and more difficult opponents to try them on!

    Great game. Seriously.

    1. I have coded up an extra five deck slots, so look for it in the next update.
      I will seriously consider coding up a boss dungeon as well through the Ancient Portal.

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