BoradirPlayers start the game in town, where they can find citizens who will give them quests.  They can also find a Card Shop, Forge and Ability Trainer.

2 thoughts on “Towns”

  1. Great game. I’m having an issue as to where I have to go to next in the game (175 duels). Is there a world map available at the town/section level so I can be a bit more efficient in getting to my next set of duels. Thanks and thanks for the wonderful game.


    1. Hi Ed,
      Thanks, I am glad you are enjoying Lost Portal. Once all quests are completed, each town has a portal to one or more other towns. The order of towns through the campaign is: Boradir, Miradyl, Tryndel, Darmok and Coradym. The expansion adds another portal in Coradym to another town, Aerahym. Also, after the end of the campaign, an ancient portal can be discovered in another dungeon near Coradym that opens up to some additional locations with random dungeons.

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