Lost Portal CCG is being developed for iOS.

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  1. Best card game on iOS!
    I would like to adjust the difficulty later in the game. The easy mode is to easy now. Can this be in the next update?

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you are enjoying the game! I will consider your request to be able to change difficulty after the game has started. I don’t know what update that might be in, as I am currently focused on some other changes which will add additional content.

  2. Has something gone heywire with the game?
    I have the game on my iPad and it appears that there was an update on 3rd July but for some reason I am unable to download it.
    If I do a search for Lost Portal in the App Store for both an iPad version and an iPhone version both results come up as “no results”.
    I am in Australia.

    1. There is an issue with 1.0.7 that I am currently investigating. To avoid impacting any more players I have temporarily pulled Lost Portal from the App Store. Once the issue is resolved (hopefully soon), I will upload a new version and return the game to the App Store. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  3. Absolutely love this game. Love it! I look forward to any other releases you guys have. Anyway, any gameplay offerings pnce the main campaign is complete? Or is that just all?

    1. Glad to hear you are enjoying the game! Please leave feedback on the App Store as that helps others see the game. I am currently working on some additional FREE content for the end-game that will allow you to continue to play after the main campaign is over. There will be new dungeons to explore and enemies to defeat!

      1. Did leave a 5star. I very much appreciate this game, regardless of my typically highly scrutinizing opinions. This games pros-to-cons is stellar.

  4. The game is absolutely great so far I am deep into my third dungeon.

    Only issue I have is I don’t seem to be able to spend my ability points after leveling up. I have accumulated 6 so far and whenever I click on the green dot it takes me out of the “status” menu.

    Is there something I am doing good wrong?

    Thank you

    1. You need to go to the ability trainer and click on to the specific ability then down below you can upgrade your skills by gold

  5. Excellent game! I have spent many hours on it so far. I have one potential bug report and one request.

    Bug – Ghostly protector discards an item when returning to your hand. Other creatures die, and the item stays in play. This item discard really limits the Ghostly protector’s utility. If this is intended, it should be stated in the details on the card.

    Request – Arenas. Because it’s difficult to boost the win percentage when playing fair (even the best deck can fall prey to being outdrawn) and because there are so many battles in the campaign, it’s easy to lose all money. And there no way to test a deck’s effectiveness against different builds. An arena would solve this. It could be a reward for beating a town – arena with all the town monster decks that awards money for a win, with no entry fee. Or maybe it awards a specific card after a number of wins. Could add some kind of replay ability – give a reason to revisit a town.

    This is an excellent game. It’s put together well. I’m happy playing it for hours. And it’s nice being able to have 4 decks to choose from.

    1. I am glad to hear you are enjoying Lost Portal!

      Yes, that is not a bug regarding Ghostly Protector and items. All “return creature to hand” effects, including the spell “Reversion” work that way. It gives blue a nice Magic Item removal card, but it does make Ghostly Protector a bit less powerful. I have updated the description for its ability, so you’ll see that in the next update.

      Your Arena idea is a good one. I have considered various related ideas such as a “Deck Trainer” that lets you test your deck build without risk. Your ideas are on the wish list. My ability to work on them depends directly on sales, so please tell your friends to get Lost Portal if they haven’t already and leave a positive review in the App Store!

  6. This is really a great game! It has become my go to mobile game, not just in card/boardgame niche, but over all. Wonderful work mixing a RPG with a card battler. The single player aspect is so great. Quick suggestion and maybe its been mentioned before, but please add single “Clear Deck” option to remove all cards from one of your decks 🙂 Keep up the good work, Mike! I, and I’m sure others, hope to see more great stuff from you, updates, PAID expansions…. etc. Cheers mate!

    1. Hi Nick,

      I am glad you are enjoying the game. I like the “clear deck” idea and will add it to my list for a future update. I have had a few requests around improving the deck editor and I can see where clearing a deck with one button press would be handy.


  7. My main complaint about Lost Portals is that all my other games are getting lonely. Very fun. A few suggestions mostly just for information. It would be helpful if you listed the name of the adversaries on their card or otherwise allowed some way to judge difficulty before attacking. I know that the portrait can help but there are some duplicates and some are pretty similar.

    It would also be helpful to show which deck is currently in play as well as the level of difficulty that was selected. If this info is available, please let me know where it is and what I missed.

    A last thought, it would be cool (but maybe too easy) if you could specify an aeon preference by deck. I.e. Be able to change your aeon preference.

    Thanks again for a great game and your continued support of it.

    1. Reply to myself. One other thought. You might want to move the victory/defeat messages a bit – maybe center them a bit more. They can block the value of the last gained/lost treasure.

    2. I am glad to hear you are enjoying Lost Portal and I appreciate the comments. Some responses:

      I agree that it would be good to have a way to view the enemy before dueling them. So far, I haven’t thought of a graceful way, but I will give it some more thought. Another button, perhaps, that pops up (i) info buttons above them that you could then press that then pops up their card (i.e., the same information you get when you double-press them during a duel). I’ll experiment and see if I can do something that works well.

      Right now, you have to go to the Deck Editor to determine which deck is active, so maybe it would be good to see that on the player card that pops up when you press the “Status” button. The difficulty is viewable if you go back to the campaign menu screen, but I can look to add that onto the status card.

      The color affinity is currently tied to the player and I am not sure I want to change that, but I will give it some thought. I can certainly see the appeal of changing it based on the color deck you build.

      I have also given thought to allowing edits of your player at the campaign menu. For example, changing the portrait, name, difficulty and perhaps even color affinity.

      1. Regarding enemy info, I just came up with a simple solution. The next update will allow you to “long press” on an enemy and its player card will pop up, allowing you to see its name and stats prior to starting a duel.

        1. The next update will have the active deck name and the difficulty level printed at the top of the player card, which pops up when you press the “status” button (and now when you long press on your card).

  8. Just wondering if anyone can / has beat this at the extreme level. I did win using a red deck, but it required much “cheating”. It seems like there’s a big shift from hard to extreme.

    I was wondering if you might expound a bit the method of determining prizes? It seems like the harder the level, the stronger the average lose is.

    I’m super pleased to see that you have an expansion coming. Very much looking forward to that.

    1. Extreme difficulty is pretty challenging. I have indeed heard of folks completing the game on extreme, but it does take a focused deck. The difference between hard and extreme is enemies have three more points in each ability score and gold losses are indeed a little heavier.

      Gold losses are determined based on the value of the card from your deck that would have been stolen. The amount stolen is a percentage of that card’s value. There is randomness in the exact percentage lost, but in general the easier the difficulty, the less gold that will be lost.

      Now that you can change difficulty in the middle of the campaign, you can also start off on a lower difficulty and then ramp up the difficulty as you find it getting too easy. Or if you find it getting too hard, you can always drop the difficulty back down.

  9. Thanks for the reply. I was actually talking more about card loss than gold loss. Seems like you lose cards more often, and higher value canards more often in extreme. That, even more than the level of then foes you are up against, makes it so imposs… er difficult.

    1. Regarding card losses – you are right that the chances of losing a card instead of gold does go up on extreme difficulty (50%), compared to hard (33%). However, the cards are chosen in the exact same way on both difficulty levels (i.e., there is no logic to take a more valuable card on extreme difficulty). In fact, the cards taken are the ones you would have drawn next, unless you managed to deck yourself. Sometimes you are just unlucky. I still recall losing a Balrock’s Ring on the very first match after I purchased it. That was painful.

      A few tips:
      – Remember to have gold available (i.e., sell your spare cards if necessary), as if you don’t you will lose cards from your deck every time you lose.
      – Find & keep spares for cards in your deck, so when you lose one you don’t have to adjust your deck
      – Watch the aeon percentage as cards are lost from your deck
      – Watch the total card count for the deck as you lose cards; if it falls below the minimum you will get random commons inserted up to the minimum at the start of the duel.

  10. Good points.

    Now, not to bug you, but any word on the expansion (or new app) mentioned in the interview? I’m ready to send more $$ your way.

    1. The update has made it through Apple’s review process and is available for sale now (or will be shortly). Please let me know if you have any issues and otherwise, enjoy!

  11. Update came through but it looks like it’ll take a bit longer for the expansion to be available. Currently isn’t selectable via the app (Store area). It’s described but no purchase button exists yet. Similarly no in app purchase info is yet shown in the App Store.

    1. Looks like I made a mistake while submitting this version. I am working on getting a new version up so that the IAP is available. May take some time to get through Apple’s review process.

  12. Minor bug – if you copy a deck and the length of the name maxes out, you can’t modify it.

  13. Another suggestion, while adding the tutorial points were very helpful, it would be nice to be able to turn it on and off. It seems like the tutorial comments are off and then a note on some card will suddenly pop up. Not a big deal, just a minor annoyance. Thanks for all your support.

    1. Help will pop up for each type of card (i.e., creature, aeon, magic item, alteration, etc.) on the first time you look at one in detail in a new campaign. I agree it is a bit annoying if you’ve played before and don’t need them. I’ll add your request to the wish list in case I decide to enhance the options at some point.

  14. Absolutely the best card game on ios. Please do iCloud saving. I like to switch my ios devices and when resetting I have it all save in the cloud

    1. Thanks, Marco. iCloud saving is on the wish list, but I do not know when it could be implemented. I will do a little more research on the subject and try to learn more. There are some complexities that make me a little cautious.

  15. I’m a big fan, I’ve played through the original game twice now. It’s so refreshing to not wonder if I lost because I didn’t buy enough IAP.

    I have a few suggestions if you don’t mind:

    — When a card creates another card, it would be nice to know what that created card does beforehand. e.g. Ruthless Tyrant creates a Dragon Strike card, but I don’t know ahead of time what Dragon Strike does.

    — It would be nice if a card in hand that’s playable but wouldn’t perform all of it’s actions would be colored differently (maybe yellow?). So if a card puts a creature from the discard pile into play, but there aren’t any creatures in the discard pile, it wouldn’t look green. Or at least show/toast a little message as to why it failed? When I first started playing I thought some cards were broken because nothing would happen.

    — After a battle, it would be nice to be able to see the number of cards left in the deck and the HP for both players. If the scattered cards just didn’t cover up those numbers, that would work.

    — As a card is dragged from hand to board, it would be nice to show the aeons that are about to be spent if the player drops the card there. Especially handy with gray cards.

    — When a player ability like Illusionist triggers, it would be useful to show a little toast/message with what just triggered. It emphasizes the interesting character abilities, rather than just mysteriously hiding the creature.

    — Flavor text for the enemies would be enjoyable…maybe under the portrait?

    — It isn’t clear where to tap when the game is over.

    — In the store, when looking at a card, I’d like to be able to see how many of those I already own in my decks/library.

    — There are a couple of typos in the tutorial:
    “Hand”: “Drag a card to cast it, Cards”: two spaces after the comma, capital C should probably be lower case.
    “Enemy Aeon Field”: “available tdfh0o cast cards”: something happened to “to”.

    Thanks, and I’m looking forward to more expansions when they’re ready!

    1. Glad you are enjoying Lost Portal and thanks for all of the feedback. I’ve fixed the typos in the tutorial for the next update. You make a lot of great suggestions and I will carefully consider them.

  16. First ever crash/freeze. I hit the concede button and it “killed” a character that was on the Shield of Life (I think it was a Dwarven Hero). Then it crashed. I have a pic of the frozen screen if you want it.

    BTW, if you plan any more new enhancements, I’d ask for some changes to the lower level dungeons. Some replacement characters or something. I like having a reason to delve and while interesting Without an obvious quest, I’m not as prone to hit the new high end stuff. Otoh, having played so many times, some new items/challenges at the lower and mid levels would add some spice.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Greg. I will have that fixed in an upcoming update, which will have a couple of bug fixes. Very obvious bug (now that you pointed it out), so easy to fix.

      I’ll add your enhancement requests on the wish list; not sure what is next after the bug fixes, but will keep them in mind.

      Thanks again,

  17. Another quirk, I wanted to forge some additional frostfire orbs so I put one in my available resource area and hit the forge, only he can’t see it. Others work, just not this one. I’m in Coradym if it matters.

    1. Hi Greg, sorry for the delay reading your issues. I just tested the forge with frostfire orb and it worked, so I’m not sure what your issue is exactly. If you are trying to forge a card from your deck, you have to press the library button while at the forge and it will show you cards in your deck faded out, but you can still drag them to the center of the forge to duplicate. You can email me with more details at lostportalccg@gmail.com.

  18. While I’m touching on minor issues, Gift from Gaea has 0 value. It’s the only card I know of that way. I assume it should be 250 as an avatar card.

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