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  1. Hello, I have blue cards and use blue/green aeon cards, when I want to use « hearth of the forest (need 4 green aeon)), I can play the card, when In my hand, when I have 3 green and 4 blue aeon (the card highlight). When I put in play, it stay 2 green (normal, because card give back 2 green) but stay 0 blue ?!? . I think blue cards use blue aeon and green cards use green aeon, not the two aeon at the same time ?, no ?, thx

    1. You will find a description in the user manual on AEON EXCHANGE, which allows you to do a 4:1 exchange up to two times when playing a card. In your case, the 4 blue aeon were exchanged for 1 green aeon, which allowed you to cast the Heart of the Forest card. That is why you don’t see the 4 blue aeon after casting the card. The nice thing about aeon exchange is it allows you to more easily splash some cards of other colors into your deck, knowing you’ll at least be able to do a 4:1 exchange to cast them if you don’t happen to get other aeons of that color. Hope my explanation helps!

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