Update 1.1.0 Available

Update 1.1.0 is available, which includes the following:

Deck Editor Improvements
– New button to sort cards by cost/color vs. card Id
– New buttons to add/remove cards from the detailed card view
– New button that opens the new Deck Manager

Deck Manager
– Increased number of deck slots from 4 to 5
– Select a separate card back for each deck
– Name each deck
– Copy an existing deck to an open deck slot
– Delete a deck

Creature Attack Animations modified
– Tweaked the creature attack animations to make it more clear when the player receives damage

Version 1.0.9 Available

Forest of SotariaUpdate 1.0.9 is now available on the App Store.  This update adds new end-game content for after you complete the main campaign, as well as other enhancements and improvements.

This includes:

– 5 additional portraits to chose from when starting a new character
– 2 new bosses, each with an awesome new Avatar card
– Level cap increased to 32.
– A new dungeon, Lost Tomb, that unlocks after completing the main quest.
– A new Ancient Portal that opens to new destinations and dungeons, including the forest of Soltaria and the Ruins of Aryn.
– A new desert tile set
– Fixed Flux Storm ability
– Fixed Enlightened ability
– Now dismiss large version of a card with swipe up/down, pressing outside of the card or pressing any corner
– Card drag improved on older devices
– Improved some background assets for iPhone Plus
– Altered filters to start off as “off” to more easily filter to what you want to see in deck editor, etc.
– Fixed stats in deck editor for 6+ casting cost cards
– Tweaked green starter deck
– Demonic Code casting cost dropped from 3 to 2
– Fixed description of Conflagration and changed to 10 damage to all creatures.
– Other bug fixes