Feldyr Expansion

Lost Portal update 1.4 is now available and includes a new expansion!

The Feldyr expansion adds 40 new cards.

Explore the town of Feldyr and three new dungeons filled with new enemies!

With this expansion, four new card backs are available in the deck manager.

This release also introduces a new Quest Log, to help track your progress through the game. Even better, new quest rewards have been added in the form of new aeon cards!

4 thoughts on “Feldyr Expansion”

  1. Great game! I found a bug. Spiderlings increase in power (“might”) even when damage to the player is blocked by the shield of life (“protector”).

    1. Thanks for the feedback, which I am considering.
      On one hand, the Protector ability is worded: “All damage the player receives is redirected to this creature”, which implies the player is receiving damage, but just redirecting it. From that perspective, triggering the “Damage player” ability makes sense.

  2. Bug Report: If you cast Time Jump and win the battle before taking the extra turn, during your next battle you’ll get an extra turn after your first.

    Picked this up about a week ago; having a wonderful time with it! 😀

    1. Thanks for reporting this bug, which is fixed in the latest release! Glad to hear you are enjoying Lost Portal.

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