Character Creation


To start the game you must create a character by picking a portrait, chasing a color affinity, assigning ability points, naming the character and selecting a difficulty level.


There are a number of portraits available to chose representing various races and sexes.

Color Affinity

You must chose a color affinity, which can be red, blue, green or black. This determines the border color for your player and you gain an extra starting aeon of that color to start each duel.  This also determines your card back and your starting deck, which will be made up of cards of that color.

Ability Points

A player has four abilities: Health, Agility, Wisdom and Intellect, that affect your game play in different ways.  Each ability starts with a value of 8.  When you create the character you have 10 points to distribute to these four abilities as you see fit.  You can also use a Random button to distribute them randomly.  A Reset button is also provided to allow you to redistribute those 10 points.


You can name the player whatever you want up to a limit of what will fit on the player card.


Select a difficulty level for your campaign: Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme

Easy – Enemies have lowered ability scores.  When you lose a duel, you lose gold, but not cards from your deck.

Normal – When you lose, you lose gold but not cards from your deck

Hard – Enemies have higher ability scores and when you lose, you can lose gold and/or cards from your deck

Extreme – Same as hard, but enemies have even higher ability scores


2 thoughts on “Character Creation”

  1. Great job on this! would love to see a PVP mode at some point, trading, more cards! Ex Magic and Hearthstone player and LOVING this so far…ill buy the expansion as soon as I am done w first one.

    1. Thanks, glad you are enjoying Lost Portal! I am currently working on a second expansion with more new cards and enemies! I don’t expect to add PvP as Lost Portal was designed from the beginning as a single player experience.

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