Lost Portal is played with a customized deck of cards which includes resources called aeons, creatures, spells and magic items.

Casting Spells

To cast spells in Lost Portal, you must have aeon energy (i.e., mana) of the proper color in your aeon field.  Your aeon field is refreshed at the start of each turn.  Some ways you can gain aeon energy:

– You gain a number of starting aeons based on your Wisdom ability score (score/5).  These aeons are randomly chosen at the start of each duel, but you will always gain one of each color before you gain a second of the same color.

– You gain one aeon at the start of each duel based on your color affinity, which is chosen when you create your character.

– You play Aeon cards to gain aeon energy; your deck should always have a decent percentage of Aeon cards, or you will have trouble casting spells.

– Creature abilities can provide additional aeon energy.


To cast a spell, you drag it from your hand to a location on the screen,  depending on its target, if any.  Some cards have no target, in which case they are cast by dragging the card to the discard pile. Creatures are cast by dragging the creature to an open slot in the middle, on your side of the board.  Magic items can also be cast onto an open slot in on the board or can target one of your creatures, if it isn’t already equipped with a magic item.  Spells can target a player, a creature or even a card in the opponent’s hand.


Your creatures attack at the end of your turn, dealing their damage to any blocking creatures or the enemy player. They do not take damage back from defending creatures.  Damage carries over from turn to turn, although some creatures have regenerate which can restore life to the creature at the start of each turn.

7 thoughts on “Gameplay”

    1. When you drag a card you want to create into the middle of the forge, you will see rarity symbols all around it. You must drag cards from your library that match those rarities. When you double-press a card to see the large version of the card, you will see the rarity of that card near the bottom middle of the card.

    1. Their stats are pretty similar, with the Orc Captain having more agility and the Orc Neophyte having more intellect. Their decks are very different (black/red vs red/blue), so perhaps you are finding the red/blue deck more challenging. I can take a look at making the captain a little tougher. He did just gain a new Avatar card (Turn to Ash).

      1. The new avatar cards are cool. In hard mode the neophyte has one more special ability than the captain.

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