What is Lost Portal?

Lost Portal is a collectable card game where you explore, complete quests, combat enemies and gain new cards.  You create and enhance your deck and level up your character to gain new abilities.

Designed and developed by Mike Camilli

Lead artist Marc Whisnant.

All card artwork was commissioned and licensed from many artists, as indicated at the bottom of each card.  Several songs licensed from Sean Beeson and the rest along with all sound effects from Evil Mind Entertainment.

Thank you to all testers, including Tom Camilli, Sara Camilli, Emma Camilli, John Gall, Erica Gall and Albert Lew.

One thought on “What is Lost Portal?”

  1. This is the best single player ccg out there. I enjoyed this game so much, in fact I have finished the game (defeated the last robot boss at Coradym). I am looking forward that you guys make another one or an expansion and will definitely pay for it. No gimmicks, no freemium, no evolution, no morphing, can play offline! You are the best and I am a fan!

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