Card Colors

There are four colors of Aeon energy in the game and most cards have a casting cost that require one or more colors as described below.

FlashLightningBlue – Knowledge

Blue cards represent knowledge and the harnessing elemental forces such as lightning, storms and ancient machine creatures.

Green – NatureFeralRage

Green cards represents the brutal power and ferocity of nature, including beasts and spirits.

DireWarlockBlack – Death

Black cards represent the power over death, and include many undead and demons.

VolcanicAxeRed – Fire

Red cards focus on fire and destruction and include many creatures such as dwarves, orcs and ogres.

Multicolor Cards

A card of multiple colors requires each color Aeon to be cast, assuming it has a casting cost.  Currently there are two types of multicolor cards in the game:

Two Color CardsPhoenixEgg

Two color cards require both colors to cast.  There are also two-color Aeon cards that provide two different aeon colors to your Aeon Field.  These do not have a casting cost.

Gold CardsBalrocksRing

A gold card is all four colors.  That means when you cast the card you must have enough aeon energy for all four colors to cast it.





 Gray Cards

A gray card has no colors.  That means when you cast the card you must have enough total aeon energy among all four colors.  When cast, one of each color will be used before a second aeon of the same color.


6 thoughts on “Card Colors”

  1. Color-blind mode please. Green/Red and Black/Gray are hard to tell in isolation.

    You could either do different shapes for the different colors, or you could put some sort of written indication, like a letter or word somewhere on the card.

    Enjoying the game! Thanks!

      1. I’ve been playing a little while now (level 8) and I’m really enjoying the game.

        I chose black as my starting colour. I’ve received loads of cards of other colours but I can’t see how I would ever use them.

        I guess I could build a blue, green or red deck but surely then I would lose the benefit of starting with 1 black aeon?

        I also guess I could build a mixed deck but that sounds like it would be impossible to win with.

        Am I missing something obvious?

        1. Hi Craig,

          A mixed color deck is difficult to pull off early in the game. My advice is to stick with mono-black for now, but as you acquire dual-aeon cards and level up and increase your Wisdom (to gain more starting aeons), you’ll find you can either start splashing other colors or go all-out with a dual-color combination. As for what to do with cards in colors you don’t use – you can either sell them in the shop or use them in the forge to acquire cards you can use in your deck.

          If you do decide to switch colors from black, you can also go edit your character at the campaign menu screen at any time and select a different color affinity, so you get the proper colored starting aeon.

          1. Cool. Thanks for the reply. I’m playing on the easiest settings as there’s no real option to grind when you hit a wall.

            I have a tonne of gold but not really anything to spend it on at the moment.

            I’d love an option to spend gold at a trainer or something to improve my stats or upgrade a card.

            Are there any plans to add an arena or similar to allow for grinding when you can’t get through a quest?

          2. Hi Craig,

            You’ll find a card shop in just about every dungeon and town, and there is an ability trainer for when you level up and want to upgrade stats. But you can’t just pay gold to keep leveling stats, as it is tied to leveling up via experience. There is also no upgrading of cards in Lost Portal. You can buy rare cards of other colors and use them in the Forge to create a card you actually want. You can also duplicate cards you own in the Forge.

            I have considered adding some smaller random dungeons to allow for some grinding, but have not implementing anything as of yet. Right now random dungeons can be found only after the main quest is completed, through something called the Ancient Portal.


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