Deck Editor

DeckEditorThe deck editor allows you to create up to four decks with cards from your library.  It has the following features:


You can filter the cards with three sets of filters based on color, rarity and card type.

Deck Maximums

You are limited to a certain number of cards in your deck based on your player’s Intellect.  You are also limited to 3 of each card, unless your Intellect is 15 or greater, in which case that increases to 4.  This limit does not apply to Aeon cards.


Information about the deck can be displayed showing statistics regarding color, type, rarity and cost.

2 thoughts on “Deck Editor”

  1. Just was wondering if there were any missable cards? I know that if I don’t get the card I want, I just close out the game and reset, but are there any enemies or bosses that don’t reappear in the endless portal? And how do you get to other areas? I keep only getting the same three (desert, forest, and water).

    1. Every ‘avatar’ card can be won if you defeat the particular enemy enough times. Finding a boss multiple times can be a challenge. The ancient portal contains upgraded versions of each enemy and boss, including ones from the expansions if those are unlocked. When you open the ancient portal there are two locations that can become available – the Ruins of Aryn (a desert location) that also has a couple of other random dungeons nearby, and Soltaria (a purple forest) that has three random dungeons nearby. If you don’t get the one you want, you can close the portal and reopen it.

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