Primeval Expansion added

Version 1.1.13 brings the Primeval Expansion, which adds 40 new cards, a new town and 4 new challenging dungeons!

This version also brings some additional changes:

  • The forge can now be used to create duplicates to cards you already own.
  • Card sellers in dungeons will now return to town with their inventory, so you don’t have to hunt them down again.

Version 1.1.12 brought changes, separating enemy difficulty from loss difficulty (ie, what you lose when lose a duel).

Version 1.1.11 brought native support for iPad Pro 10.5″ and 12.9″

4 thoughts on “Primeval Expansion added”

  1. Have you thought about adding achievements? Such as, win with over 100 health left, delete the enemy with exactly 0 health, win without taking damage, win without using destruction cards, etc… And maybe linking rewards to them? (ie, after every 10 achievements you get an extra skill point to spend). That’d keep some of us long time player wanting to come back and see if we could get our characters buffed up by getting achievements.

    1. Achievements are on the wish list, but I do appreciate your thoughts on the subject regarding rewards, etc. I am currently focused on the next game, but when I do find time to enhance Lost Portal I’ll keep these ideas in mind.

  2. I bought expansions but can’t find them in game – how does that work? Sorry probably a dumb question.

    1. Hi Tracy, sorry for the delayed response. When you buy the expansions, the new uncommon/rare/ultra-cards cards are automatically added throughout the game, so you may find them in a new card shop that you visit. The new towns/dungeons are found through portals in Coradym.

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