iPhone X and iPad Pro support added

Version 1.1.10 added iPhone X support (and broke the game on larger iPad Pro models), so Version 1.1.11 added native support to iPad Pro.

2 thoughts on “iPhone X and iPad Pro support added”

  1. May I ask a slightly off-topic question, is the game playable on iPad mini (1st Gen)? It’s the only iOS device I have and I’m not going to switch from Android at any time soon. Thank you!

    1. I just charged up my iPad 2 so I could test this, as I haven’t used it in a while. The iPad 2 has the same CPU as the iPad Mini 1st gen, so your results would be similar. I found the game playable, but some of the delays between screens are longer and it is a little choppy at points during the duel, so I found it less than ideal.

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