iPhone X and iPad Pro support added

Version 1.1.10 added iPhone X support (and broke the game on larger iPad Pro models), so Version 1.1.11 added native support to iPad Pro.

6 thoughts on “iPhone X and iPad Pro support added”

  1. May I ask a slightly off-topic question, is the game playable on iPad mini (1st Gen)? It’s the only iOS device I have and I’m not going to switch from Android at any time soon. Thank you!

    1. I just charged up my iPad 2 so I could test this, as I haven’t used it in a while. The iPad 2 has the same CPU as the iPad Mini 1st gen, so your results would be similar. I found the game playable, but some of the delays between screens are longer and it is a little choppy at points during the duel, so I found it less than ideal.

  2. Another off topic;
    Is there any chance to implement iCloud saving game progress? In case of deleting the game, formatting the device or switching to another not to must playing from beginning…

    1. Hi Mistrija,
      I’ve looked into iCloud saves a couple of times, and so far I’ve felt it was too risky a change. However, I will take another look at it as I do think it would be valuable for the reasons you describe. In the meantime, there are tools out there that allow you to copy files off of your iPhone and put them back. I’ve used one called iExplorer and it worked for me.

      1. Did you have to do anything special to get the game to show up in iExplorer? I’ve been trying to move my iPad save to my iPhone, but the app doesn’t show up in the browser for iExplorer.

        1. I actually haven’t tried iExplorer in quite some time, but last time I did it showed up right away.

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