Frequently Asked Questions

When is this game going to be available on the App Store?

The game is available now in the Apple App Store:   Lost Portal CCG

What is the payment model?

There is a fixed price for the game.  I plan to work on expansions that would become available later via in-app purchase.  An expansion would include a new town and surrounding dungeons filled with enemies and bosses.  An expansion would  also introduce new cards that can be found through adventuring.

Is there a currency in the game?

This is not a freemium game.  The only currency in the game is gold, and it is not available for in-app purchase.  An important part of this game is adventuring and defeating enemies, from which gold can be won.  You can also gain gold by selling cards at the card shop.

Will this game support Android or other platforms?

The initial release is for iOS.  Based on its success there, it may be ported to other platforms.

Is Multiplayer supported?

No.  This game is a single player adventure.

Do dungeons repopulate? Are there a finite number of enemies?

No, dungeons do not repopulate, so there are a finite number of enemies. Once you defeat the final boss the game is effectively over. Then you can try it again on a harder level or with another starting color.

Is the campaign strictly about incrementally upgrading cards to better versions? Or are the cards balanced in a way that most of them could be potentially viable in certain deck builds?

The rares and ultra-rares aren’t just slightly better versions of existing cards, but totally different cards. They tend to be more powerful, but also in general cost more, so you have to balance your deck. So common and uncommon cards should remain viable, but you will swap some out to make room in your deck.

How can I tell what a special ability does?

When you look at a creature card, you can press on the ability to get a pop up with more information about what that ability does.

How do I craft cards?
You must go to a Forge in any town, which will have a random selection of cards you can forge there.  To forge a card, you drag the card you want to forge from the top of the screen into the middle of the forge. The card will then be surrounded by rarity symbols. Add cards of any color from your library of the proper rarity and you will create the card.

Is there any way I can see all of the cards available?
If you’d like to see all of the cards available in the game, you can go into the Deck Editor and press the “Library” label and it toggles between showing all cards or just the cards you own. You can then use the filters to look at say all “ultra-rare red creatures”, for example.

How can I create a deck with multiple colors?

It is difficult to play two colors with basic aeon cards. There are uncommon dual-aeon cards that will help you play a multi-colored deck, but it isn’t easy to get so many.  For red-black, for instance, you’d want to find Dragon Heart cards.  Another way to help with splashing other cards is to increase Wisdom. Once you get to 25 wisdom, you’ll always start with at least 1 aeon of each color to start a duel, so you’ll be free to splash in 1 casting cost cards.  You can also take advantage of a new 4:1 aeon exchange mechanic, which will allow you to exchange 4 aeons of one color for another color when you cast a card.  This can be done twice when casting a card.

How do I activate an ability that says “blue aeon: X”?

You must drag an aeon card onto the creature.  Note that counts as the one aeon you may cast each turn.  Strategy-wise, this gives you a reason to save those aeon cards in your hand for activating abilities later. Or do you activate an ability now and maybe can’t cast a more expensive spell you draw later?

How do I cast a Disruption spell like Mind Fog?
Disruption spells automatically cast from your hand during your opponent’s turn if you have the aeon energy available to cast it. For example, a Mind Fog will cast if you have 2 blue aeons available and your opponent casts a spell that costs from 1-4 aeons.  Strategically, when you have a Disruption spell in hand, you must decide when you want to keep aeon energy available to say protect your creatures or prevent another creature, verses casting something yourself.

Should I only buy cards that match my color affinity and starting deck’s color?
You don’t want to add other colored spells to your deck and have no way to generate aeon energy of that color, or you’ll never be able to cast that spell.  You need to find several dual-colored aeons to get multi-colored decks going. You can get through the game sticking with one color as well, and increasing your wisdom can make it easier to splash a few colors.

What do I do with cards I find that don’t match my color?

You can sell cards you can’t use at any card shop for gold.  You can also use those cards to forge other cards you might want.  Check out the forge in each town to see what can be made, as like the card shops it is random.


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  1. I enjoy this game so far (level 9 ,black Mage )
    Well designed !!!
    When will you release expansion ?
    Can we have a duel mode fighting other player with wifi ?
    I would like to see two player duel mode in future update .

    1. Glad you are enjoying the game! I would love to bring an expansion, but first we have to see enough sales to support it. Leave a positive review in the App Store if you can, as it does help drive sales. Multiplayer is not planned at this time, as we are focused on a single player experience. I have a number of ideas for additional game modes that will increase replay value which I plan to explore going forward.

    2. Hey mcamilli, I love this game. I’ve played it through a few times, and done pretty much all there is to do a couple times over. It’s rare to have such an interesting game that plays so simply, and is offline, and is perfect to fill in awkward time frames or just bomb out and recover while playing it. It appeals to me greatly as an avid Hearthstone player.

      That said, is there any chance of a sequel, or end-game super challenges? I haven’t had the motivation to grind out the perfect deck partly because there’s no huge boss to bear my sharpened teeth at, and the repeatable content has variable challenge.

      I have no idea if this will reach you, or where to give feedback, so it’s here.

      PS: Agility is OP, and the 7 grey Pearl card is busted as hell… hehe.

      -Pat from AU

      1. Hi Pat,
        Thanks for all of the awesome feedback! I do check for comments here on the website, but you can also reach me at lostportalccg@gmail.com or on the Facebook page. I am currently working on another game called Star Portal, which is also a CCG, but it still has a long ways to go. I do expect to occasionally get back to Lost Portal for updates, but have not decided whether to do another expansion yet.

  2. Another question : many sound effects & BGM of this game are as same as another card game 「dream quest」…. Is there any connection between these two app ?

  3. Hi Ian,
    I am glad you are enjoying the game! Let me try to answer some of your questions:

    The plan is to stay focused on a single player role-playing experience, which we feel makes the game unique compared to other games already out there. I will continue to give it some thought as we go along though.

    No release date planned for an expansion yet, but glad to hear there will be interest! I’d love nothing more than to add another town or two with more dungeons, enemies and cards. to go with them.

    I wasn’t familiar with Dream Quest until recently, but my guess is we both licensed music from the same awesome company. That can happen with sound and artwork where you don’t commission it or gain an exclusive license.

  4. Hurry up Ian,, game looks good,,, instructions are a must,,, I have this other game spectromancer, yours seems to have much more going then that,, Pad universal and instructions and you will have something better then anything I have seen in some time,,, very creative,, Besides anyone with such a name is bound to greatness :@)

  5. This looks awesome, but I have to wonder, will there be a Universal or iPad version at some point? I much prefer the larger screen.

    Obviously, I can play the iPhone version up scaled on my iPad, but I’m curious nonetheless.

    1. Yes, support for iPad is in progress and is looking good. Expecting to submit an update to Apple very soon after a little more testing.

  6. I just wanted to say, having played it some now I am really digging it. So far this has been fantastic, it really does feel like it rivals Dream Quest (which is strong praise, if that’s not clear; I adore Dream Quest).

    Once I’ve gotten farther along, I’d love to hear what the design process was like.

    1. Glad to hear you are enjoying it! Designing and developing Lost Portal was a lot of fun. I’ve been working on it for quite a few years now, so it is really satisfying to see it out there and being played. It has been quite a learning experience developing an iOS game, and I plan to keep adding to it and expanding it as best I can.

      1. The game continues to be rad, kudos to you.

        In the spirit of potentially helpful commentary, I do want to mention a few rough edges that may be worth addressing in a future update, though:

        * The AI does not handle playing against Eye of Tyern well at all. It may we worth some special casing to let the AI know not to play a creature against an equipped Eye of Tyern unless it has Rush or an ETB ability. I’ve seen the AI literally play the same expensive, awesome creature into the Eye of Tyern like four or five times in a row, just getting bounced over and over again until they lose.

        * When looking at a zoomed-in card, it’d be nice to be able to swipe left or right to look at the next/previous card in the group of cards you’re looking at.

        * I’m down with randomly stocked shops, and shopkeepers inexplicably populating dungeons is a well-established trope. Buuuut it’s real hard to remember which shopkeeper has the card you want once you’ve met even five or six of them (I imagine this is only going to get worse), and travelling into every dungeon to check each one is a bit of a pain. I don’t know exactly how you’d address this – I don’t think changing the gameplay is necessary, I’d just like some sort of UI where I could look up which cards the shopkeepers I’ve already met have in stock, and where they were located.

        * When dealing with card filters, long-pressing on a filter icon should leave that filter on while turning off all the other options in the row; I almost always want to show only a specific color, especially, rather than all colors but one. As it is, the filter buttons are a *tiny* bit unresponsive (probably because my old iPad is taking its sweet time recalculating which cards to show), so if I tap the buttons rapidly it usually only recognizes the first tap and I have to re-input the other two.

        * This one is a huge long shot, and I don’t really offer it seriously because I realize it’s *not* a simple request and I’m probably the only person who cares… but if the forthcoming iPad release was playable in landscape mode, you’d make me the happiest person ever. iPads (at least full-sized ones) are really meant for landscape use.

        Anyway, please take those in the spirit of hopefully-helpful suggestions rather than complaints. I’ll be back with other observations, I’m sure – until then, thanks for the sweet, sweet game.

        1. Thanks for the detailed suggestions/feedback and glad you are still enjoying it. Some responses:

          IMPROVED AI
          I will be taking a close look at improving the AI after this next update and will add Eye of Tyern to the list for blocking. There is a lot of room for improvement for the AI making blocking decisions, selecting spell targets, etc.

          The next update will include support for swipe left/right when looking at large cards in the deck editor, forge, card shop and duels (hand).

          CARD FILTERS
          I just added support for double-pressing a filter button and having it select just that one, unselecting all others of that type. It will be in the next update as well.

          I’ll give that some thought, but not sure it is something I can address soon. I understand it can be difficult to remember where some particular card might be in all the dungeons.

          I would love to support this and definitely experimented with it early on. There are too many artwork changes for me to support it right now, but it is something I will look at in the future if possible.

          1. Added update – double-pressing filter buttons will have to wait for a later update as it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. I’ll keep testing it and hopefully get it in soon.

  7. Great CCG on mobile, but I hope devs could add a confirm selection on “sell all”. I sold three gold cards with single wrong press, so frustrated.

    1. Sorry to hear you accidentally sold some ultra-rares. There is a confirmation popup when you press the “sell all” button.

  8. My apology, I must be too careless to notice confirmation.

    Anyway I have another advice for lost portal devs. Maybe an arena master NPC in next update? This NPC would offer boss challenge or monster challenge based on tier. So players who completed the game would have a chance get their missing boss cards, and keep playing for fun.

  9. Can I get clarification on Aeons and what happens to them when used to fuel a creature rather than discarded? Do they add to the aeon pool for the subsequent turns? Also m, it would be rad to have a counter that displays you total maximum aeon pool. I’ve more than a few times tried to figure out what my max was while in a turn. I love the game, and hope it gets the support from the consumer to warrant more content!

    Another suggestion. The ability to reset your trained points. A misclick could set you back badly in a game.

    Love this game to pieces, I nostalgia trip hard for the old win95 mtg games.

    1. When you use an Aeon to power a creature’s ability, it does not increase your aeon pool total for that turn or subsequent turns. Glad to hear you are enjoying the game and thanks for the suggestions!

      I’ve definitely considered a “points reset” of some sort, which would allow you to correct mistakes or just try a different combination. So consider it on the list. I’ll also think about how to display the aeon max numbers; I could possibly have that information pop up if you press on the aeon.

      I have a lot of great memories of Shandalar as well! I’m planning to keep adding more content so stay tuned for more updates.

    2. The next update will include a ‘buyback’ button that lets you regain an ability point along with some of the gold spent to use it. This will allow you to move points around for some gold cost.

  10. Thank you for this awesome game. Already finished one game with black-green deck. Now experiencing red-blue deck at highest difficulty. Some opinions:
    1. Black is so unbalancely strong. The major reason is Fiendish Plan, a card that allow 3 card draw with only 2 black mana and 2 life. This is a very powerful draw engine which I cannot find any equivalent in other colors. Compel and Werebeast is another freaking 4-mana combo which effectively kill a 4-life enemy creature and put a 4/3 and 2/3 creature for yourself. Like that’s not enough, Black also has the best 1-mana creature in game which is 1/3 with rush wielding a poisonous weapon. With the current poison mechanism and 3 toughness, it can easily take out a 3/X and survive, where X can be any finite number. The cost is merely two life from the player.
    2. Dual-color land with no penalty? I definitely like the cards. I just don’t quite like the idea that one card is strictly stronger than another.
    3. The towns are essentially the same. Could add some flavor maybe?
    4. Some randomly generated, difficult dungeon where monster’s strength/reward is scaled with player level could increase the gameplay tremendously.

    1. Glad you are enjoying the game and thanks so much for the great feedback! I’ll definitely give all of it some thought for future updates. I’m currently working on a new portal that will lead to some new areas, including some randomly generated ones, to provide some content for after you complete the main quest.

  11. Lost Portal is now my go-to in waiting rooms, thanks for making such an amazing game! For such a tiny price tag, you provide such an intricate game, I’m impressed. My only suggestion is some sort of endless arena mode for the endgame. Being honest, it feels a little repetitive once you finish the whole thing a few times. Otherwise, HOLY CRAP THIS IS AMAZING!

    1. Thanks for the great feedback! I’m actively working on some endgame content, where you’ll discover a new portal that can open to more than one new location with some level of random dungeons to explore.

        1. No ETA for the next update yet, making progress but still have a ways to go. You can see the Facebook page to see a couple of new artworks I’ll be using.

  12. I’m level 7 playing green in Deadwood. I can’t beat any of the Evil Ents. I’ve cleared out the rest of the dungeon except all of them. I’ve lost all of my unspent money to them and I can’t figure out any way to proceed except maybe getting lucky – I don’t have enough money or resources at this point in the game to build a starting deck of another color, so I can’t even try that. I can try to reconfigure my existing green deck to beat the evil ent a little but, but I haven’t yet been able to come up with a strategy that works there.

    couple ideas:
    – maybe give us the starting deck for all the colors, so we could at least try another strategy when we hit a wall. I don’t even have enough aeons to build a 2nd starter deck.
    – give me somewhere to grind money/xp when we get stuck.

    anyway, any tips would be useful.

    1. The Ents in the Deadwood are definitely tough and can sometimes take several tries to get through. Some you might be able to avoid (but not all). If you want to try a different color deck, you should start a new character because, as you’ve noted, you don’t get enough starting resources to switch colors so early. If you do start a new character, you might consider starting it on an easier difficulty setting for your first time through.

      Your suggestion for grinding gold/xp is noted. I am currently working on additional endgame content right now, but after I have that done I may consider adding some way to grind gold/xp in each town.

  13. I’m also blocked in the forest with no cash.
    Some kind of farming place for gold and/or cards is a must.
    It’s frustrating to be stuck like this. Otherwise great game. I love the 1-player & offline modi!!!

    1. Sorry to hear you are stuck in the Deadwood Forest! The request for some farming is on the wish list, and I’ve given it some thought. I’d recommend trying a new character, potentially at an easier difficulty level. You won’t gain more gold, but you will lose less gold in defeat.

  14. Some things I would suggest for a future update:
    – show the loot longer (make it require a tap to make it disappear).
    – allow to search the discard pile. Often my opponent uses cards I’ve never seen. If it’s not the top card in the discard pile, then it’s not possible to see it enlarged.
    – while in a shop, show the total of each card I own, not only the ones in my library (I think this has been suggested before).
    – how is loot determined? Is it random, fixed or a mix? Winning 2 gold is too little. This game is well done but also time consuming, so I would suggest to slightly increase the gold rewards.

    Please continue your work on this wonderful game!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions; I will give them some thought. A few responses:

      When viewing a discard pile you can use the arrow buttons that pop up to view other cards. You can also swipe left/right to see the other cards in that discard pile.

      When a duel ends, the winning player steals random cards and/or gold from the other player’s deck. On any difficulty below HARD, the player will never lose cards and only gold. The amount of gold lost is determined based on the value of the card that would have been stolen. So, if you would have lost/won an ultra-rare, you will lose/win more gold. If the card was common, it will be very little gold. As you can see, the more valuable the cards in the deck, the bigger the risk of a big gold loss for that player.

  15. Do you have suggestions for blue/extreme? I’ve completed extreme with the other colors but blue is quite difficult. It has no big creatures in the starting deck, and it’s got no answer for opponent big creatures– you need to spend 2+ cards to deal with them unless you’re splashing other colors, which at low levels is difficult. The troll boss in particular is extremely challenging, since even if you get an edge on the board he can just wipe it.

    1. Hi Fred,
      Congratulations on getting through extreme with the other colors, that is impressive!
      Blue’s creatures aren’t all big, but there are several with armored. That won’t completely help you verses Tor, of course, since he can do so much mass damage. If you can get an Aeon Golem down and feed him an aeon or two, that can make him pretty tough to kill. You can also try to bait him into casting by getting creatures like Sage Familiar out.

  16. Hi, I finally made it through the forest to the end.
    Really great game.
    Now, once I go through the pink door at the end of the campaign, what’s happening exactly?
    I’ve got new areas to visit but they never turn green although I’ve cleared them. Are there hidden areas with more enemies? And why do I need to pay the 6 card again if I travel back to town?
    Or in other words, how can I level up my skills without returning to town (and then pay the 6 cards again to continue)?
    I’m looking forward to what’s coming next, thank you for your great work.

    1. Congratulations on making it through the entire campaign!

      The Ancient Portal that you find in the Lost Tomb opens up (after paying six cards) to an area with some random dungeons that allow you to test yourself against upgraded enemies and bosses, and gain more XP, gold, cards. There are no quests or story for this area, so once you complete the dungeons you can return to Coradym and do it again as many times as you like.

      1. Ok, thank you for your fast answer!
        So I need to pay 6 cards each time I want to repass the portal, right?
        You know what would be cool?
        – some statistics: max damage in a game, lowest negative HP an enemy died from (my max is -32), #creatures killed, and so on.
        – a view like in Hearthstone: you see all existing cards with the misding ones greyed out.
        – challenges: an enemy could summon one creature the first round, two the second and so on. The goal being to fine tune a deck to last the longest. Same with “kill the enemy using only damage spells”, etc.

        Should I have access to all available cards once the campaign is done (through loot or shops)? I’m asking because my brother got a golden card as loot (a ring which improves everything) which I’ve never seen nor do I have a single golden card.

        Thank you very much and kind regards!

        1. Yes, you have to pay 6 cards each time you want to reopen the portal.

          Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll add them to the wish list and give them some thought.

          In the deck editor and card shop, you can toggle viewing all of the cards in the game by pressing on the “Library” label.

          No, you probably won’t have all of the cards in the game by the end of the campaign. The awesome gold card, Balrock’s Ring, is available in a card shop in the Mine’s of Mograt. There are other gold-colored cards that you can only get off of bosses, as they are Avatar cards and are not found in card shops.

          1. Thank you very much for your help. I managed to get all but 3 cards!
            Next goal is to get them all and then 3 of each.
            Really great game!

  17. Phenomenal game that focuses on game mechanics I love without the accursed freemium pay-to-play model. I’m more than happy to pay a one time fee to support great game designs. A couple of questions:

    1. What are you using to create and design Lost Portal? I would love to experiment with game design but not sure where to get started.

    2. Any plans to add a pass-and-play mode?

    Thanks for your hard work!

    1. Glad you are enjoying Lost Portal!
      Regarding your questions –

      1. Lost Portal was developed using Apple’s Xcode and SpriteKit. It has multiple languages, C/C++, Objective-C and Swift. If I was starting today, I’d try to do it completely in Swift. Other folks/companies have had great success with Unity, which allows you to produce the game for iOS and Android. I’ve also had to use Photoshop quite a bit, although almost all of the artwork was licensed or commissioned from actual artists.

      2. I haven’t really considered any form of multiplayer, but I do think pass-and-play would be a lot easier to implement than any other form. I decided early on while developing Lost Portal to focus on an area where most other games seem to be lacking, and is my favorite part, which is the single-player campaign.

      1. Your focus on the single player is one of the two things that really attracted me to Lost Portal (the other, of course, being that it’s a one-time only purchase). I’m not a fan of multiplayers like Hearthstone and whatnot, but I do enjoy games with a pass-and-play (such as Ascension) that I can play with my son. Based on the comments above, it sounds like your instinct to focus on elements that are lacking in other games was a good one. Keep up the hard work, and if you ever consider making an expansion for purchase, I’d support that 100%.

  18. Loving this game. Just finished my second playthrough! (Why oh why does the game hate green/blue dual aeons? Was that random bad luck? I was hoping to play a blue/green deck)

    The pace of which the battles play is great. Would love some achievements to go along with the game (eg: First battle won, 100th battle won, battle won in quickest time, battle won without taking damage, things like that) , things to go for once you’ve completed first playthrough.

    While I do love single player, I now find myself wishing I could try my decks out against other people as well.

    Or if we want to stay single player howabout a tournament style gameplay mode. You get a set amount of cards (random) that you have to construct a deck and have to win say 5 rounds to win the championship? Just throwing it out there.

    Game is awesome!

    1. Glad you are enjoying the game! Definitely random bad luck on the green/blue dual-aeons that game. Great suggestions regarding achievements and other play modes. Both are on the wish list. I am currently focused on a small expansion that will add some new cards to the game. We’ll see after that what’s next.

  19. Such a great game; it’s a credit to you.
    I’d like a Cards Aeon Ability to be useable even if it has another Card already attached, I suppose that’s not possible is it?

    1. You can can only play one ‘free’ aeon (one with no casting cost) per turn, whether it is for aeon energy or to power a creature’s aeon ability. Aeon’s with a casting cost can also be used to power a creature’s aeon ability on the same turn that you used a ‘free’ aeon. Aeon abilities are not impacted by a creature being equipped with a magic item.

  20. Hi
    I really love this game so far but I have a bug during the campain.
    When I load my save I return to the home screen of my phone. Is it possible to do something ?
    I’m on ios

    1. An update is in review with Apple right now and should be coming out shortly. After you update, please respond back and let me know if this resolves the issue for you or not.

  21. Awesome game, really enjoying it so far. I would suggest for the FAQ to answer: Can different characters share cards? I believe the answer is no. But for example, I have hesitated selling any powerful Red cards my Green card character has acquired for fear that I might want to make a new Red character use them. If characters were able to share cards it would add a lot of replayability I think because you’d be motivated to make a new character to try them out and also having access to powerful cards to start would make me more willing to try harder difficulty levels.

    Anyway, bravo, thanks for a great game with a much appreciated simple business model. I look forward to the expansions.

    1. I am glad you are enjoying Lost Portal! I have given serious thought to what you suggest, implementing a shared chest similar to what you see in say Diablo 3, where characters can share any item. However, I do believe it would make Lost Portal far too easy without significant changes. Diablo 3 solves the problem by putting level restrictions on each item, so a lower level character can’t make use of those high powered items until they hit the appropriate level. They also have a very large set of items, and legendaries don’t drop that easily. I think if Lost Portal had a lot more cards, such that a particular rare or ultra-rare was even harder to come by, it could make more sense. The fact is that you will find the majority of the cards in one play through the game, so this feature isn’t really needed.

      By the way, you can now change the difficulty level at any time, so you can always start on an easier difficulty and then crank it up when you feel you are ready for the challenge.

  22. I gotta say man, I think this is the best MTG-like games on the App Store. The only thing I wish for are iCloud save syncing and some kind of random enounter generator, maybe like a “trainer,” to extend the game length and to test out deck builds with. Anyways, thanks for making this awesome game man. I’m looking forward to any expansions or sequels.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback, I appreciate the comments! I have both of your suggestions on the wish list, but I don’t know when/if I will get to them. I am currently working on an expansion that will add a new town, dungeons, enemies and cards. The update will also add new Avatar cards for some existing enemies who don’t have them, bringing the total number of new cards added to 50. After the expansion is completed, I plan to focus on getting a new game off the ground.

  23. Is there any progres about android version? I want play this game so much but i dont have IOS.. Please make android version.

    1. Thanks for the interest in an Android version of Lost Portal. Although we’ve received some great critical reviews, sales have not been good enough to justify the time/expense of a port from iOS at this time. The current plan after wrapping up the upcoming Aerahym expansion is to take what we’ve learned from Lost Portal and start working on the next game.

  24. On iOS, just updated the soft but don’t seem to be able to buy the extension in the shop ( I see it, but there is no BUY button to press )

    1. Sorry, there was a mistake in the submission of 1.1.3 and the in-app purchase wasn’t included. A new version has been submitted and is awaiting review with Apple. It should be available soon.

        1. Sorry, you are right there is still an issue. The in-app purchase is now available, but the app can’t see it. I am currently investigating and will hopefully get to the bottom of this soon.

  25. First off, I’m really enjoying the game.

    I have two questions:
    – the percentage chance to see the enemy’s hand description is way too vague to help me make a decision on whether to start investing into wisdom. Is a roll made every time the enemy draws a card? Does it just reveal that one card? Is a roll made at the beginning of the duel and you either see their whole hand the whole time or you don’t? Exactly how does that “chance” work?
    – the ability to edit card back or deck name does not work at all for me. I’ve tried every mobile gesture I can imagine and there’s just no response. The tutorial makes it sound like I should be able to but I definitely cannot.

    1. Hi Tim,
      Glad you are enjoying the game. Some answers to your questions:

      Wizened Visage (Wisdom 30 unlock)
      It is a separate chance every time a card is drawn. The chance is 2x your wisdom, so a 60% chance to see each card.

      Deck Manager
      When you press the “Decks” button in the Deck Editor, the Deck Manager opens up. A white border surrounds the currently selected deck. You can then press on (tap) the card back of the selected deck to change it. You can press on the deck name to change the name.

      1. Thanks for the wizened visage explanation. That helps a lot.

        As to the deck manager, I can get the white border to move between decks, but I can’t get that screen to do anything else. No amount of tapping or holding or swiping causes any functionality at all on that screen. It’s just not working.

      2. Actually, the copy and delete buttons at the bottom are working, but I can’t rename a deck or change a card back.

  26. I think I found another bug. When in the Deck Library, any cards at the top of the screen that have multiples cannot be clicked if my deck is full. I can’t view their details. I can click any card that does not have multiples to see their details. This is a little annoying because I have to remove a card from my deck in order to see what card that is.

    This might be the same sort of problem with ios 8.

    1. This is a similar (but different) iOS 8 issue, which I’ve found and fixed. Thanks for reporting these to me, Tim. Look for it to be fixed in the next update, which I’m thinking will be pretty soon.

  27. I have recently purchased the game and I really enjoy it. Really great work. On the other hand, I’m really sorry to hear that the sales of such good game is still not very satisfactory.

    I’m in the middle of the campaign and I would like to purchase the IAP. I wonder if the expansion can be played immediately after my purchase or I have to start a new campaign before I can enjoy the new contents?

    I’m glad to know that you are working on a new game, and understand that you may not be able to spend extra effort to produce more new contents for Lost Portal. However, I would still want to share my views of the game to you and hopefully some of them are useful for your new game:

    Things that I like:
    – Offline and single player campaign
    – No battery burning
    – No unnecessary animation
    – No timer/ energy bar
    – No daily/4-hourly “check-in” reward
    – Simple card rules
    – Duels are short and fast
    – All cards are accessible through normal gameplay in any level of difficulty
    – No grinding for cards
    – 5 levels of difficulty to choose
    – No penalty for playing easy mode
    – Starter cards are still useful in mid to late campaign
    – Forced app closing in the middle of the game will not count as defeated
    – No IAP for removing ad
    – Reasonable app price, and IAP implementation

    Things that I would like to have:
    – A place for unlimited duels for deck testing
    – A place to earn extra resources when needed
    – No need to go back to different towns or dungeons for card shops or card forging
    – More cards are welcomed esp. middle and low cost cards
    – A better story
    – icloud save

    Big thanks for such good game and I have already saved a few dollars for your new game.

    1. Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for all of the great comments and suggestions! I have added them to my list.

      To answer your question, when you unlock the expansion, the content becomes available immediately in all campaigns. So no need to start over.


      1. Thanks for prompt reply.

        Just found a bug. The green card “Knockout” will not give overwhelm to creatures as described.

        1. Thanks for reporting the bug. Knockout will be fixed in the next update so that it does indeed give overwhelm to all of your creatures.
          The casting cost will also be increased to 6.

  28. I found a bug in the tutorial where random text “tdfh0o” appeared in a paragraph. I have a screenshot of it so y’all can see and fix it. But I can’t find an email address for customer support…

  29. I’ve noticed a couple of instances where the Flame Troll seems to not be working correctly. I’ve added an aeon, it takes enough damage to be destroyed but the only result is an empty space.

    Slowly grinding through each color in extreme. Frustrating but continued fun. Finding some interesting ways that the game works to exploit. Possibly unintended but useful. In particular, card loss doesn’t actually happen until you go into the deck to make changes. So sometimes the same card is ‘lost’ multiple times. Thus you can continue to use a deck and all it’s cards until you’re forced to update.

    Really looking forward to your next game and thanks for you continued support of this one.


    1. Glad you are still enjoying Lost Portal!

      I have not seen any issues with Flame Troll, but will take another look. 3/4 of the time expect the troll to take 2 damage and create a Flame Blast in your hand. The other 1/4 of the time, it dies and a Lava Elemental takes its place. I’ve never seen it do nothing.

      As for card losses, I do believe I know what the issue is with that and I will include a fix in an upcoming update. Thanks for pointing that out.

      The update will include a few other bug fixes and also 8 new Avatar cards. I am also very excited about the next game (Star Portal) and am having fun designing it, although it still has a long way to go.

      By the way, Lost Portal has a board on TouchArcade (http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=281942) where you can also post questions/comments.

    2. My Flame Troll is broken. When it’s life is at 1 or 2 and I drop an red aeon on it, it dies but doesn’t create the Lava Elemental. It worked the very first time I tried dropping an aeon it it, but ever since it has not. It just dies.

      1. The Flame Troll’s Lava Summons ability randomly chooses between killing the creature and creating the Lava Troll (25% chance) and dealing 2 damage to it and creating a Lava Blast and putting it into your hand (75% chance). It doesn’t always create the Lava Troll when the troll dies. Sometimes it can be smart to wait for it to regenerate to 3 life or more before activating it again so you can get more Lava Blasts. Sorry if the wording is not more clear about how it works.

  30. First off, stellar game.
    Quick question though, are the avatar cards for dungeon bosses only available the one time, so if you do not get it when you beat the boss you can never get it? Just want to know as that might change how I play.
    Again though, great game!

    1. Glad you are enjoying Lost Portal! At the end of the game, an Ancient Portal can be opened by doing one more quest. The Ancient Portal provides you with random dungeons that give you additional opportunities to duel against enemies and bosses, to acquire rare, ultra-rare and avatar cards you may have missed. After exiting the Ancient Portal, you can reenter as many times as you want for a small sacrifice of some cards to activate the portal.

  31. First off awesome game, I’ve been looking for a game just like this for a long time! I have two quick questions/suggestions.

    Are mulligans possible or are you just out of luck if you get screwed in your opening hand?

    Why do duels just restart when the app is closed in the middle of battle? Is it possible to save the game state instead? It lowers the difficulty if you can soft-reset each fight without any loss of progress. It is a nice feature though for protecting against accidental crashes, not sure if there’s a good solution. Dream Quest had the same problem, which is why I tested it.

    Hope you keep updating this awesome game, but I’ll definitely check out whatever you guys put out next. I’m going to write a review when I get home tonight and I’ve been telling all of my friends who like mtg about it

    1. Hi Kilois,
      Glad you are enjoying Lost Portal. Let me answer your questions –

      The game actually automatically mulligans for each player in cases where no aeons or all aeons are in the starting hand. This happens a certain number of times before it gives up, so it is still possible to have a starting hand with no aeons or all aeons, but unlikely if you have a reasonably balanced deck. There is no additional mulligan mechanism beyond this. I considered adding one, but felt this works pretty well.

      Maintaining Duel State
      I have considered adding this, but it is non-trivial to save the entire duel state at every step and recreate it on restart. I agree that it can lead to players quitting out of a duel that they are losing.

      I have an iPhone X update coming soon (already through Apple review process). I am also in discussions with Marc Whisnant (the lead artist) to possibly bring another expansion with additional cards, so hopefully that comes through. On top of that, I have done some work on a quick play/survival mode, but that still has a ways to go. I am splitting time with that and working on the next game – Star Portal!

  32. So I purchased the expansion and it was great to ha e some truely heavy powered enemies and interesting cards. That said, all of them are now dead…do they re-spawn in the ancient portal or is it only the non-expansion enemies that appear?

    1. Glad you enjoyed the expansion and its new cards & enemies. Even tougher versions await through the Ancient Portal!

      1. Have you had any thoughts about being able to create rare/ultras though the blacksmith? Maybe hidden recipes (using cards &/or gold to try and figure out how to build, say, the great wyrm or some such)? That way the ultras aren’t gone for good after the fight but might be ridiculously expensive to create?

        1. I have given some thought to other uses of the forge, such as hidden recipes you might discover, but it fell too low on the priority list. I’ll add your ideas to the wish list, in case I find time to revisit this. I am currently working on a new expansion which will add some new cards and dungeons. See the Lost Portal Facebook page where I just posted a new artwork for one of the cards.

          1. A new expansion would be awesome! Thanks for all the effort on this game, one of the very few I ever pick up anymore.

  33. Recently started playing, and looking forward to the campaign ahead!

    I don’t know if this could be revisited or is just a takeaway — I think the best way to implement card sellers in dungeons would be to “rescue” them upon discovery. They then notionally go back to town and make their stock available there.

    1. Bringing card seller’s stock back to town has been on the wish list for a while, but now you’ve pushed me to go ahead and implement it. I’m testing the changes now, and they look good, so look for it in the next update!

  34. I‘ve found the timing of casting disruption cards to be confusing. For instance, when I have a mind fog and a confute in hand, and my
    aeon stock is sufficient to cast them both. Enemy player casts a card that costs 1 aeon, I
    n many cases, confute is automatically cast without giving me the option to choose which disruption card to use. Then the enemy casts a super powerful creature card which costs, say 7 aeons. My confute is gone and mind fog is useless against it. What a waste.

    1. Sorry this is confusing – I tried to make things clear in the manual:


      A disruption spell is automatically cast from your hand when the enemy casts a matching spell and you have the aeon energy to cast the spell. Multiple disruption spells in your hand are checked for auto casting from right to left, so you should place ones you want to trigger first to the far right in your hand.

  35. Found this game by browsing through the top 200 cards games in the App Store.

    I am so happy to see that there is still support for this game. I bought the main game last week and finished the main quest yesterday. I immediately left a 5 star review in the AppStore and a few comments. I can’t imagine the work that must have gone into this game, and thank you for still supporting it.

    I have been thinking about buying both expansions but I have a question. I didn’t read the other comments so maybe this has already been asked. Will the cards/enemies from the expansions appear in the end-game dungeons (soltaria/aryn)?

    Also what are your plans for the future of this game? It is very fun as it is but I just keep wanting more.

    1. Hi Don,

      Thank you for supporting Lost Portal and glad to hear you have been enjoying it. yes, the expansion enemies/bosses are added to the random dungeons beyond the Ancient Portal once your purchase the expansions. They are randomly selected from a pretty large list, so you may not see them every run through. Each expansion also unlocks a new town, where you definitely will run into each enemy and boss, of course.

      I am currently looking into a new ‘quick play’ mode I’ve been calling survival, which would be slightly more rogue-like. Still have a lot to do on it, but I’m hoping to bring that out later this year.


  36. Great game. My red coloured campaign character is level 32, has completed the main quest and one add-on and is attempting the 2nd add on now.
    It would be great if there was a search for cards option so I could more easily build decks around a certain mechanic. Like being able to select all cards with the word “return” in their description.
    I also really would like a way to more easily know which cards I just looted from my enemies. So when I look at the library I can see new cards highlighted or something.

    1. Great suggestions that I’ll add to the wish list for any future updates. Thanks for the great feedback.

  37. Love this game! Like others, it’s one of the few I keep coming back to. Looking forward to any updates/ expansions in the future. I’ve been through the portal dozens of times now and there are still a couple of bosses I have yet to meet. Let alone pick up the avatar from. Is there a way to change the boss creation rate to shift towards avatars that are not owned yet based on past frequency of encounter? There are some bosses I’ve seen dozens of times. Also, how about a choice toggle somewhere to choose to only get cards. I can always sell cards, but I’m really bummed when I could’ve gotten an avatar and end up with more gold. Also been thinking about the possibility of adding items or something to help with drop rate of avatar cards. Anyways, great game. Thanks for developing it and continuing to support it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Peter! I will add your suggestions to the wish list for any future updates. I particularly like your suggestion about increasing the likelihood of running into bosses that you haven’t gotten avatar cards from yet.

  38. I can’t seem to play the yellow sun cards? There doesn’t seem to be any aeons for them either? How can I do this, I only have 3 though. Thanks, I love the game!

    1. Hi Brad, sorry for the delayed response! Gold cards require all aeon colors to cast. So a casting cost of 2 requires two aeons of each color.

  39. Hello, I purchased the latest Feldyr expansion, updated the game to version 1.4, and then used the old archive of version 1.3 to play the expansion, but found that I could not continue to upgrade (current character level 36, max level reached), no experience The progress bar (the new expansion can continue to upgrade the level?), but I can still get experience value after each round of game. How to solve it? Need to start a new game?

    1. Thank you for reporting this issue. I have looked into it and found the problem, and will have it fixed in an update shortly!

  40. So far so good. I am a MTG fan and this game cures me the itch of overspending on more set of cards. The game is well balanced and reminds me of MTG on PC in the 90’s. Keep up your good work.

    I’d love to see icloud backup save just in case of swapping to new device or accidentally lose my device. Just upload and download save is just fine. No need to implement syncing feature.

  41. I just started playing this game again, and I don’t think the “level up” is working. Or maybe I just don’t know how to do it. I’m on level 4, and it has flashed “level up” each time, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to actually do that and improve my ability scores. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help.

  42. Great game, loved the offline single player CCG game. By the way, how is your next game Star Portal going? Or you are continuing to work on more expansions of Lost Portal CCG?

    1. Hi David,
      I am glad to hear you have enjoyed Lost Portal. I have enjoyed creating it and the expansions. I do have a few bug fixes to deliver in an update soon, but am not currently working on another expansion. I am back to working on Star Portal, after letting it sit on the back burner for a really long time. The good news is the time away from it has allowed me to gain some perspective and make some hard decisions that will hopefully help it actually get completed.

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