Feldyr Expansion

Lost Portal update 1.4 is now available and includes a new expansion!

The Feldyr expansion adds 40 new cards.

Explore the town of Feldyr and three new dungeons filled with new enemies!

With this expansion, four new card backs are available in the deck manager.

This release also introduces a new Quest Log, to help track your progress through the game. Even better, new quest rewards have been added in the form of new aeon cards!

Lost Portal 1.2

Lost Portal 1.2 went live in the App Store back in December, with 22 new cards (5 for each color, plus two gray cards). The goal of this addition was to expand the card pool for players and enemies alike with new common and uncommon cards. Hopefully you enjoy the new cards. The total number of cards in the game is now 242, including both expansions.

Primeval Expansion added

Version 1.1.13 brings the Primeval Expansion, which adds 40 new cards, a new town and 4 new challenging dungeons!

This version also brings some additional changes:

  • The forge can now be used to create duplicates to cards you already own.
  • Card sellers in dungeons will now return to town with their inventory, so you don’t have to hunt them down again.

Version 1.1.12 brought changes, separating enemy difficulty from loss difficulty (ie, what you lose when lose a duel).

Version 1.1.11 brought native support for iPad Pro 10.5″ and 12.9″

Version 1.1.8

Update 1.1.8 has been released to the App Store and includes a fix to an issue that appeared with iOS 11.2, where the green border around cards in your hand would no longer be visible.

Also included is a fix for Unstable Warmage, who’s Flame Blast is now working properly.  This card is part of the Aerahym Expansion.

Lastly, Wizened Visage was improved so that you can select your opponent’s face up cards in hand and see them in detail.





Version 1.1.7

Version 1.1.7 is now available in the App Store.  This version adds a few gameplay improvements during duels:

Player Ability Activations
Now see player abilities as they activate during a duel.  You will see the associated artwork for an ability flash on the player and on a creature, if appropriate.

Creature Icons
There are now new icons for creatures with overwhelm, armored, aeon and on death abilities.  This allows you to more quickly assess the situation while playing a duel.

Campaign Menu
For those who have purchased the Aerahym expansion, the campaign menu is now a scrolling list for all eight character slots.

Other changes include a new font, title screen background and a button for starting the campaign, as well as some minor bug fixes.