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Map-WorldMapPocket Tactics gave Lost Portal an honorable mention during its CCG Week!  Check it out here on  Pocket Tactics website.

Update 1.0.8 is available now!  All bosses now have Avatar cards and now you can open large versions of cards with a single tap instead of double-tapping!


Lost Portal CCG is a digital card game developed for iOS.  The game involves exploring dungeons and fighting AI enemies and bosses, collecting treasure and leveling up your character to gain new abilities.

This web site provides information about Lost Portal and how it is played.

Here is a short CNET Review of the game as one of the best mobile games of February 2016!  The author stated:

“Of all the games I tested for this month’s round, Lost Portal is the one that sucked me in the most.”



Version 1.0.6 is now available in the App Store, including 5 new cards to bring the total up to 200 cards.  This update also includes a 4:1 aeon exchange mechanic, where 4 aeons of one color can be used to pay 1 aeon of another color.  This can be done twice for one card being cast and can help create multi-color decks.

These are a new type of card called Avatar cards, that must be won from an enemy.  They can’t be found in card shops or forged.  These new cards have no color, which means they can use any color aeon available to cast.  These new cards can be added to any deck.




I’ve started a collection of helpful gameplay information here:  Game Play

Here is a video of the duel gameplay:




13 thoughts on “Welcome to Lost Portal CCG”

  1. Fun game. Unfortunately I encountered an infinite loop bug and I’m stuck. In the blasted castle after fighting an Orc zealot, whether winning or losing I have no choice but to fight it again. Over and over without end. I have a screenshot and could try to give you more detail. Drop me a line. I’d like to move on!

  2. Purchased the game this week, but have not been able to play it yet because it crashes when I click on any abilities or the random button.

    1. Could you give me some information about what device you are using and what version of iOS you are running? Also, what version of the game you are running? I am not able to reproduce this issue so far, but your information may help.

  3. This Is my favorite CCG hands down. I find it to be complex with, without going into upgrading cards, or having thousands of cards to collect. It is the perfect size, and I dont need to be connected to a server to play, and it run so smooth, i have not seen any bugs, and am just surprised how well it plays. I am on my 5th play through.

    The only thing I could ask for is a single match mode, I get these awesome cards I want in my deck, then the game is over….

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the comments! I am currently working on some end-game content that will add the ability to keep playing after completing the main quest.

  4. Please please please add LOTS more content. This is the neatest card game of its type since magic. It is sad I have finished and LOVE my deck – and yet can do no more with it. Keep up the good work. People do love and appreciate this game. 🙂

    Ellen x

    1. Hi Ellen,
      So glad you are enjoying Lost Portal! Good news – 1.0.9 version is waiting on approval from Apple and should be available in a couple of days! This update will add some additional content for you to explore after completing the main campaign, including some new dungeons and a couple of new bosses with their own awesome Avatar cards. Some of the content is randomly selected, meaning you’ll be able to keep playing and leveling up (to the new level cap of 32!).

      1. Yaaay!! That is exciting news. Can’t wait for the update – it really is a great game. Thanks for all your hard work and stuff. =)


  5. Hi, I was wondering where the option to speed up game play was, it seems it use to have one and now I can’t find it ,, thank you❤️ Great game !!!

    1. There is no option to speed up game play / animations. You do get a speed boost allowing faster movement through dungeons when you reach 20 Agility. An Intellect of 20 allows you to teleport as well, which is even faster.

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